Jugendtreff has been the facility for young people in the town of Schwandorf since 1991. When it is open, it acts as a place where children and young people can meet in a relaxed setting and make use of the recreational activities on offer free of charge. For example, in the building you can play billiards, table football or Xbox, just listen to music and meet with friends.

In the new outdoor facility you will find a street basketball and badminton court. A table tennis table and a slackline is also available, and on the new terrace you can while away your spare time looking out over the River Naab.

In addition, Jugendtreff offers a varied programme of courses/workshops, talks on interesting topics, prevention projects such as the award-winning project to combat violence "GEWALTig gegen Gewalt" and great concerts.

For example, young regional bands have the opportunity to perform at Jugendtreff to show what they can do and gain initial experience of performing on stage. Larger music events take place at Sperl Stadel in Fronberg or as open-air events such as during the town festival at Adolf-Kolping-Platz or in the town park.

NABBA DABBA DOO ...and frolics are for you...!

NABBA DABBA DOO is the 2000 square metre indoor fun and play sensation for all big and little kids.

Nabbi says: "I live in the loveliest, funniest and biggest kid's room that you can imagine. As a dinosaur who must always be in a good mood, life is not always easy, but I still manage to bring a smile to the face of all children and even the grumpiest adults!"

Carl-Friedrich-Gauß Gymnasium

For us, mutual appreciation, tolerance and respect represent crucial basic values in fulfilling our duty to educate and nurture.

To provide our students with the best possible support and encouragement, parents, teachers and students work together in a trusting way. This dedicated interaction helps our children and young people to acquire skills, develop knowledge, abilities and creativity and develop their own personality.

Our role is to oversee every single pupil responsibly and support them individually in this very important phase in their lives, put them on the right path in life and ensure that they find their place in society as mature citizens equipped to tackle the challenges of the future.

Kindergarten St. Anna

It is important to us to support every child as fully as possible in their individual development and to support their relationships with other people, with God and with their environment.

Achieving age-appropriate independence is our primary aim, both in handling materials and in dealing with conflicts, feelings and needs. The personal affection and the perception and observation of the children provide a reliable foundation here.

By providing a wide range of materials, we want to create a framework that allows imagination and creativity to flourish. We attach great importance to ensuring that the children see, protect and experience with all their senses the diversity of nature and its materials over the course of the year. The group offerings and projects are developed and agreed together with the children. We work in accordance with the Bavarian Education and Schooling Plan.

It is important to us that, in connection with the religious festivals over the course of the year, the children learn about Jesus and his message. The children should see the parish community in an appropriate way as a place where believing in God can be actively practised within the community. It is therefore very important for the children from the kindergarten and their parents as well to help to celebrate and participate in the parish services.

In accordance with their level of development, the children take joint responsibility for shaping their everyday lives and living together with mutual respect and tolerance.

All children have special needs - whether they are disabled or not. It goes without saying for us that all of the children spend time playing in the garden together. In addition, we take account of the individual level of care required by employing a social education worker and also utilise the support offered by specialist services.

As part of this holistic approach to education, we focus on the strengths of the individual children and how much help they need to help themselves. We also take their weaknesses seriously and help them to overcome them. With us, the child experiences an atmosphere of holistic education free from any fear.

Our teamwork is characterised by a spirit of openness, codetermination, reciprocity and joint responsibility. We want to bring our individual skills and the knowledge gained from regular further training courses to our work.

We attach great importance to a good communication basis between the kindergarten leaders, kindergarten team and parents. For us, trust, openness and respect are the basis for an effective working relationship. We want to help and advise parents in their education.