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Specific objective

Lots of interesting companies, persuasive products, unique services and, resulting from this, many exciting and demanding assignments and challenges that want and need to be tackled. This is what we can offer you.

But how do we get across our know-how, our requirements specification, our knowledge, our deliberately regional, human working environment, our high level of technical development and our expertise to exactly the people for whom it is intended? To the well-trained skilled workers who see their future and prospects right here?! How do we communicate our "services" that are renowned – in some cases worldwide – in the form of developments and high-tech products – coupled with the high potential demands – to the clientele that speaks and appreciates this language?  

We were called upon – and delivered. Namely the amalgamation of our specialist knowledge and the service we offer – very pragmatically, very effectively and outlined in brief: in the East Bavaria Career Network. For ordinariness is not good enough for us. We wanted and still want more – namely to show where "the good jobs are" as we say and therefore here – just like everyone else in their own domain – we also rely on a professional and modern approach. Thanks to the systematic pooling of specialist expertise, one of the main aims was to generate a rapid and easily understandable platform and information source that highlights vacancies that are currently available.

The concentration of a much larger range of jobs and associated with this the fact that it is then easy for an applicant to make an objective appraisal of how attractive the jobs on offer in our region are was the crucial factor that persuaded us to team up.

The overview of the wide range of employers should still enable any interested applicants to quickly gain a detailed impression of the respective job advertiser and identify appropriate differentiating features for themselves directly.

It is not difficult for any interested applicants to work out that the advantages of choosing East Bavaria as a region are obvious. Equally, employers can quickly and professionally focus their job offers and present them in an appropriate way.