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Upper Palatinate Lake District

The Upper Palatinate Lake District is the perfect holiday region for anybody that likes to get out and about on the water: swimming, boating, waterskiing, sailing, surfing, diving – the largest lakes in East Bavaria, countless ponds and idyllic rivers make all of these things possible.

Then there are also spooky haunted castles, impressive festivals and a range of museums. Our region features the large district town of Schwandorf, the towns of Neunburg vorm Wald and Nittenau, the market towns of Bruck in der Oberpfalz and Schwarzenfeld and the communities of Bodenwöhr, Steinberg am See and Wackersdorf. Together with our partners, the Upper Palatinate district and the borough of Schwandorf, they form the Upper Palatinate Lake District.

Pingartener Porphyr

Bavaria's most delightful geotope No. 6. The geotope "Former stone quarry in Pingarten porphyry" reveals "Erzhausen arkose": a flood sediment with a rich content of feldspar which was deposited during the Rotliegend age and in some cases is permeated with small courses of river and heavy spar.

As a result of being mixed up with a volcanic rock of similar appearance, this rock was wrongly given the name Pingarten "porphyry".


Brown coal

Bavaria's most delightful geotope No. 99. In the area around Wackersdorf/Steinberg am See, brown coal was mined in large opencast mines up until the 1980s. One of the last accessible seams of brown coal is located south of Wackersdorf on the edge of the former "west field". Here over a width of around 100 m and a height of 10 m a typical array of the layers containing brown coal is revealed.

Layers containing coal are interspersed between flat inclined layers of sand and clay and they used to be what was mined. Sometimes fairly large pieces of coal with a preserved, original wood structure appear in the vast seams of brown coal, which measure several metres in places.