Water sports

If you want to be sporty on the water, you will find our region to be a true paradise. The pursuits on offer range from surfing, sailing regattas and diving through to modern wakeboarding or even a canoeing trip on the rivers.

The main thing is that it is fun getting wet. This is guaranteed by our rivers and the extensive bodies of water in the Upper Palatinate Lake District which invite you to take a swim after a hard day at work. And of course to enjoy a cool beer in the lounge on the shore as you watch the sun slowly set. Ahoy!

Lake Steinberg

Whether on land – on foot, on two wheels, relaxing on the beach, or on water – with water skis, in a boat or simply just swimming, everyone gets their money's worth here, kids and adults alike! With around 200 hectares of water to choose from, you can enjoy swimming and bathing on sandy and pebble beaches in secluded bays, sample sports activities in the cool water by trying diving, sailing, surfing or a "ride" at the waterskiing facility.

In one of the most attractive and modern facilities for wakeboarding and waterskiing, real professionals will look after you. This ensures that the day is a truly unforgettable experience for everyone – including beginners. The youth and family amusement park Movin'g'round offers particular fun and amusement with trampolines, a climbing wall, bouncy castle, water slides, dragon boat and lots more right by the lake. The area is particularly suitable for youth camps, group trips and excursions for the whole family. You will also find perfect conditions for sailing, surfing and diving. Sitting with a view from the terrace of the cafés and kiosks of the glistening surface of the water with the three islands is a wonderful way to relax.







Lake Murner and Lake Brückel

Lake Murner and Lake Brückel are the little brothers of Lake Steinberg. Covering areas of 90 and 150 hectares, respectively, they are the water playgrounds for swimmers, divers, water sports enthusiasts and campers in Wackersdorf. A large grassy area for sunbathing with sanitary facilities and mini-golf complexes provide an attractive leisure pursuit.

The Theatron, which is built like an amphitheatre, plays host to various events. A restaurant and an award-winning campsite also cater for all wishes if you are planning a longer stay. Pedalos and rowing boats invite you to get out on the surface of the water. If you can, you should sail or surf across the lake with the wind behind you. On land there is a large playground with swings, a carousel and climbing frame.









Lake Eixendorf

This sprawling reservoir is located near to Neunburg vorm Wald, so in the east of the Upper Palatinate Lake District, and offers sailors and surfers an ideal place to enjoy an eventful day. Lake Eixendorf, which covers around 110 hectares and has a dedicated swimming area, has always been a paradise for water sports enthusiasts, for fishermen and campers and now it is above all also a secret tip for any walker: the "Eixendorf Lake Path" leads directly around the shore of this picturesque reservoir on the River Schwarzach. For nature lovers who are interested, the close proximity to the "Taubenwiesbach Valley" natural conservation area offers an additional attraction for another hiking expedition.





Lake Hammer

The 64 hectare Lake Hammer in Bodenwöhr sits shimmering like a mysterious mirror in its crown of reeds and trees. With the range of facilities it offers – boat hire, boat trips, etc. – the around 8 km long Lake Hammer is a true paradise for those who love the water and an ideal lake for families to enjoy a swim in. All around Lake Hammer almost "at every corner" there are paved access points that do not present a barrier for disabled people. This means that everybody can decide for themselves whether they would rather go for a swim on their own at a secluded point or choose a spot at the busy sandy beach with areas for sunbathing. There are changing huts at regular intervals on the promenade along the shore. In the art garden and along the art and water path you will be inspired by particular viewpoints and sculptures which the artist Christine Schinner has created.






Lake Klausen

The wide, flat sandy beach with a large sunbathing area and trees providing shade, plenty of room to build sandcastles and also the kiosk and the restaurant not far away. What more do you need for a leisurely day as a family? At Schwandorf's natural swimming pool, for which a charge is levied, the non-swimming section at the managed swimming bay is marked by safety lines in the water. The spacious grassy area for sunbathing offers plenty of space for badminton, boccia and other exciting games.

The Sand Oasis

This small bathing beach near to Bruck i.d.OPf. is a popular place for people to meet well away from all the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The two beach volleyball courts and the opportunities to play in the sand will ensure the little ones never get bored. A fitness course, the sand adventure trail with a barefoot path and the Celtic tree circle are located very close by and are freely accessible. The kiosk provides small snacks and the opportunity to enjoy a relaxed chat with family or friends.


The Forsterweiher

The local recreation area around the "Forsterweiher" is a recent addition that has enhanced the swimming season in Schwarzenfeld. The area of shallow water with a sandy beach and the wooden jetty make it particularly attractive, especially for families. The lake's central location right by Schwarzenfeld is what makes it so attractive. Swimmers can enjoy spending the day in a relaxed atmosphere.


Open-air swimming pools

Swim casual lengths in the swimming pool? Dive into the water head-first from the 5 metre board? Or would you actually prefer to use the various facilities such as the large and wide slides in the adventure pool? Whatever you decide, you are guaranteed to have fun doing so. Safe pools for non-swimmers and babies complete the worry-free fun on offer. In addition to the spacious grassy areas for sunbathing, there are lots of other things on offer – from lawn chess, table tennis tables and beach volleyball courts, play areas for little ones right through to the food and drink that is served – a delightful day is guaranteed.

Neunburg vorm Wald Fun and Adventure Pool

Nittenau Leisure and Recreation Pool

Schwandorf Adventure Pool

Wackersdorf Panorama Pool

Boat trips

The countryside in the Upper Palatinate Lake District is breathtakingly beautiful, particularly along the rivers. The Rivers Naab and Regen are particularly highly thought of by canoeists. From a half-day excursion to a 5-day canoe safari, everything is possible here. Quiet – and therefore very suitable for families and beginners – the Naab is an ideal way to see the countryside from a different perspective.

Things are slightly more exciting on the River Regen, which is a bit more challenging with its sections where the water surges and rocks in the riverbed. But the Regen can also be explored at any time even with children following expert guidance. Enjoy a different way of seeing the water landscapes in the Upper Palatinate Lake District!

You can of course also enjoy this pleasure for just a day or a few hours. The canoe hire service will lend you the equipment you need, including life jackets, and ensure that you are transported back to your starting point in comfort in the evening.




Top region for fishing

The Upper Palatinate Lake District is of course also a top region for fishing. Roughly 30 bodies of water await keen anglers! The Rivers Regen, Naab, Schwarzach, but also numerous lakes, such as Lake Hammer and Lake Eixendorf, are well known beyond the confines of Bavaria and you are always sure of landing a good catch. Thanks to the excellent water quality, almost all freshwater fish species can be found: there are plenty of changing stocks as well as pike, perch, asp, carp, bass, eels, burbot and lots of species of whitefish. Many of our hosts have specialised in catering for anglers.