ROFA-LEHMER Förderanlagen GmbH

ROFA-Lehmer Förderanlagen GmbH

The ROFA Group is an innovative, medium-sized group of companies with national and international stakeholdings that focuses its activities mainly on the areas of automation engineering, material-conveying technology, intralogistics and special mechanical engineering.

With around 800 employees at 12 locations around the world, projects are implemented for customers from a variety of different sectors. With a wide-ranging product portfolio and the know-how of experienced employees who have been with the company for many years, ROFA has been a well-renowned partner for almost 50 years.

ROFA-Lehmer Förderanlagen GmbH, whose head office is in Bodenwöhr/Opf., was newly founded in 2006 as a subsidiary of ROFA Industrial Automation AG.

In the areas of special mechanical engineering, plant engineering, logistics and material-conveying technology, our customers include a large number of the world's best-known automotive and commercial vehicle manufacturers, as well as other global players.
Our extensive reference list includes such prestigious companies as Audi, BMW, Daimler, Ford, Freightliner, John Deere and VW. But our customers also include commercial chains such as Netto, Müller and Dänisches Bettenlager.

As well as performing all the tasks and duties of a financially strong general contractor, we also handle projects for our customers as a complete solution and with the primary focus on material-conveying technology systems such as pallet and skid conveying technology, apron conveyors, belt and plastic module conveyors but also overhead tracks. Another main area of operation is the construction of turnkey high-bay warehouses.
The broad range of products and the great knowledge across all of our customers' process flows also allows us to deliver special solutions, matched to the individual applications.

ROFA-LEHMER currently employs 78 members of staff at its locations in Bodenwöhr, Bodenwöhr/Opf., at its branch office in Filderstadt-Plattenhardt (close to Stuttgart Airport) and at various project sites around the world. We see our core expertise as lying in full planning and construction, in project management and in installation/commissioning.
ROFA-Lehmer responds to the ever-increasing requirements and expectations of customers with maximum flexibility and swiftness. Shorter and shorter life cycles and the increasing individualisation of the specific products present great challenges for the employees. And this is why ROFA-Lehmer's success relies on having dedicated and motivated employees.

The flat hierarchy and the short decision-making paths make the work considerably easier. The small number of employees leaving and the dedication of the employees working for the company demonstrate that the employees' wishes are catered for.
Personal regulations, training, further education and personal development measures as well as flexible working hours are all familiar concepts to us, along with the opportunity to gain experience of working abroad within the ROFA Group worldwide.

ROFA-Lehmer is also a partner to Amberg/Weiden University of Applied Sciences and, in addition to degree theses and internships, it also offers students the opportunity to take a combined course in industrial engineering with business studies.     

Creativity, innovation, resourcefulness, flexibility and motivation are all in high demand – We improve things that already exist, and invent things that have not yet been created!

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