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Guided tours & festivals

Open-air events are a real "hit" with audiences. Every year the Hussites and their raids are commemorated on stage (Festival Vom Hussenkrieg Neunburg vorm Wald) or Doctor Eisenbarth (Doctor Eisenbarth Festival Oberviechtach) and also witches, executioners and beer adulterators are remembered (Nittenau Ghost Walk).

But themed guided tours such as "Art, Church, Dumplings" or the culinary town tour in Schwandorf are also very popular.

Vom Hussenkrieg

An elaborately staged festival focuses on the conflict between the Bohemian Hussites and the emperor or the church. The key event is the Battle of Hiltersried on 21 September 1433. Count Palatine Johann von Neunburg, one of the toughest fighters, got together his Upper Palatinate opposition group comprising knights, citizens and farmers – and defeated the Hussites. This was a significant victory for the Upper Palatinate and for Bavaria. The castle bailey where Count Palatine Johann once lived is transformed into a historic place. A unique atmosphere with blazing fires, battles on horseback, historical music and heated quarrels casts a spell over spectators in five scenic acts. The charming spectacle is portrayed by 150 dedicated actors.


The Ghost Walk

The pageant "The Ghost Walk of Nittenau" is a spooky comedy which is set in the three castles of Hof, Stefling and Stockenfels. The drama begins in Stefling. The legend of the "headless knight" casts its spell on the visitors. After a walk of around 1.5 km, you then get to Stefling Castle. The supreme witch Lusziat calls for a witches' sabbath, which ends with a gruesome witches' oath. Two wandering brethren appear who want to ward off the witches of Stefling. However, they allow themselves to be duped by the witches and they are only saved by the intervention of the castle servant. Following a walk of around 2.5 km, the last place reached is the foot of the haunted castle of Stockenfels. There the ghostly castellan highlights the cruel fate of the banished. Hell awaits the beer adulterators who are difficult to punish in Bavaria.


Mountain ghost walk

This adventure walk of around 4.5 km on delightful forest trails and shore paths around the idyllic Knappensee lake recalls the history of mining in the mining district of Wackersdorf. The walk guide and the actors who appear from the Stadtmaus will, together with amateur performers, recount the life and experiences of the miners. At the end of the walk, the participants can enjoy drinks and a hearty snack as refreshments.


Schwandorf Rock Cellars

Over 130 rock cellars (up to five hundred years old) bear testament to what was once a thriving brewing trade. The imposing corridors and halls hewn into the iron sandstone of the mountain by human hand experienced a varied history. The guided tours provide information about the rock cellars as a setting for the "cellar thieves", but also about their significance as an air-raid shelter during the Second World War.


Themed guided tours

- Culinary guided tour with a four-course meal

- Fresh fish cast ... historical and culinary aspects of fish

- Detective guided tour for children

- Natural history walks in the Charlottenhof pond area

- Historical rock cellar labyrinth

- Art, church, dumplings – a guided city tour surrounding the composer of the Hymn of Bavaria

- City guided tour for adults celebrating a birthday

- The mountain calls – St Mary's Minster on the Kreuzberg


Loritz Days

The Nittenau singer Joseph Loritz, who was very famous in his day, and the composer Max Reger maintained a very close musical friendship. Joseph Loritz made a substantial contribution to ensuring that the songs by the composer Max Reger became well known. As part of the Reger Forum, which is held every year in Bremen, Leipzig, Sandershausen and Nittenau, a weekend of classical music from the era of Max Reger and Joseph Loritz takes place in the town hall each year.


Hof Concerts

For many years, Hof am Regen Castle evoked the charm of a storehouse until the castle tower, the heart of the listed ensemble, was restored. Since 2006, the valuable ceiling frescoes dating from the 15th century have finally been revealed, and since then it has been possible to utilise the chapel room and the secular upper floors for cultural purposes. The "Hof Concerts" offer an exceptional setting for outstanding young musicians to perform in summer.


Town and adventure tours

Romantic, creepy, funny, spontaneous – and definitely competent:
The town of Burglengenfeld offers a whole series of themed guided tours of the town.

The actors who conduct the guided tours take you back to bygone eras: a guided tour takes place regularly on the first Sunday of each month. Unless specified otherwise, the meeting point is Europaplatz. The guided tours then generally last around 1.5 hours.

You will find all of the adventure tours on offer here:

Smugglers – The Night of the Long Shadows

Pascherverein Schönseer Land e.V. invites you to an open-air performance at Eulenberg/Friedrichshäng near Schönsee. The stand for spectators, built from simple wooden bars, extends amidst the idyllic landscape at Eulenberg. The backdrop is provided by the old "Bergweber estate"; thoughts inevitably turn to the past – and visitors are instantly caught up in the story. An interesting and yet sensitive "journey through time" begins. The famous author Martin Winklbauer from Halsbach was recruited to devise and produce the play focusing on "smuggling". Join us in taking delight in a delightful evening of theatre!

You will find more information here: