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Rest and relaxation

Take a step back from everyday life – make sure you get the right work-life balance. Find peace and quiet. Leave all your cares behind. A real "break" from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Stress can stay away. Saunter through our landscape. It does not matter if you choose the fresh smell of spring. Or the lush green summer pastures. Or the beautiful colours of the leaves in the forests in the autumn. And not forgetting the dreamily icy winter landscapes. All that matters is you are out and about. Without any "pressure". You can get a new lease of life here. What more do you want ...

Panorama Path

The Panorama Path encircles the large district town of Schwandorf and extends for around 90 km. The footpath mainly follows natural routes and paths with only slight inclines. The Panorama Path offers lots of viewing points from which you can see the area surrounding Schwandorf, the Upper Palatinate Lake District as well as Schwandorf itself. There are places to stay the night and get a bite to eat roughly every 5-15 km. Each person can divide the route up into their own different stages.


Three Castles Path

The Three Castles Path, which is roughly 30 km long, leads from Nittenau through mixed forests of pine and beech trees to the pastureland of the River Regen. The three castles of Hof am Regen, Stefling and Stockenfels, which are located close together, still overlook the valley today and bear testament to their great strategic importance in the Middle Ages.


Forest nature trail

The linking together of forest and water at Postlohe/Bodenwöhr has created lots of habitats for numerous animal and plant species. For example, 130 bird species, 8 amphibian species and 32 species of dragonfly have been identified.


Eixendorfer Lake Nature Trail

The Eixendorfer Lake Trail leads around the Eixendorfer Lake, which covers an area of 183 hectares near to Neunburg vorm Wald. Boards along the 15 km long trail provide information about the construction of the dam, the range of culture on offer, creatures in the lake, etc. Shortcuts: if you only want to walk for 12 km, you can shorten the route at the bridge. This sprawling lake in a wooded valley not only offers a day full of adventure for hikers and Nordic walkers, but is also a great place for fishermen, campers and nature lovers.


Dowser nature trail

The discovery that people with a delicate touch can detect the earth's radiation with the dowsing rod stretches back for thousands of years. Neunburg vorm Wald with its radiesthesia nature trail, which is the only one anywhere in the German-speaking countries, has become a Mecca for dowsers. The nature trail and courses differ fundamentally from other offerings of this type and they include 12 exercise and test stations based on mental inklings and physical measurements.


Museum educational trail

The Wackersdorf-Steinberg am See museum educational trail (approx. 3.5 km) takes you through a recultivated mining area between the local history and industrial museum of Wackersdorf and the local history and brown coal museum of Steinberg am See. The museum educational trail includes a "tertiary wood" (small botanic garden showcasing the history of the earth) as well as exhibits from the mining era (e.g. blade wheel, power-plant turbine, ...).


Educational nature trail

The approx. 7 km long educational nature trail around Lake Murner provides interesting information about the history of the landscape and culture of the region as well as about the flora and fauna around the lakes, which were created from former opencast mines. Quiz and advice boards as well as a barefoot path, a newly constructed natural Kneipp basin and a viewing tower add a fun touch to this circular trail.


8th Guided Neunburg Walking Week

This is the 8th time that the Neunburg walking club "Pfalzgraf" and the tourist information office of the town of Neunburg vorm Wald has staged the walking week.

The itinerary includes:

-  Walking on the Eixendorfer lake path past the druid stone near Kröblitz
   with an appearance of the druid
-  A walk on the equestrian estate path and in some places on the
   award-winning "GOLDSTEIG" footpath
-  Walk on the Warbergweg path via the "copper plates" with the
   forest ranger
-  Trip by bus to Bodenwöhr, guided tour on the waterway nature trail
   and walk on to Windmais to visit the classic car museum there, followed
   by a walk to Neunburg vorm Wald
-  Walking on the Pfieferlbergweg path via the concentration camp memorial
   to Penting


Bulmare – The feelgood baths

Some like it hot. Are you one of them? Then the varied sauna facilities at Bulmare in Burglengenfeld are just the place for you. They are suitable for experienced sauna-goers and novices: at Blumare you are sure to find the sauna with the temperature that is right for you, the right level of steam and the ideal amount of space.


Bad Abbach – Recuperate like an emperor

The soothing atmosphere of this Bavarian spa town right on the doorstep of Regensburg persuades thousands of people looking for rest and relaxation, spa guests and patients to visit each year. See how health can become a relaxing feelgood experience: in the bathing, beauty, sauna and wellness facilities in Bad Abbach's imperial thermal baths you will quickly forget your everyday worries and immerse yourself in an exclusive world of health experiences full of pleasant surprises. Precious natural mud, invigorating sulphur and particularly mineral-rich thermal springs are Bad Abbach's three trump cards for your health.