Party time!

There is always something going on here! Boredom does not exist in our region. And the range of things to do really is vast. You can visit the clubs in the individual towns and cities or the numerous festivals, concerts and performances or simply relax on the shore of a lake. Enjoy the sunset, the night can begin!

Dult Regensburg

Regensburg's Dult festivals have a long tradition. They can be traced back to the 10th century.

This regular cycle was retained when Regensburg's fairs changed slightly in around 1800. At this time, the two fairs were held near to Neupfarrplatz. The city council provided the stalls itself. In addition to goods being sold, there were also fairground booths and carousels to entertain the visitors and they were erected on Kornmarkt. But in 1875 the city authorities decided that the Dult fairs would no longer be held for cost reasons. It was no longer possible to make any profit from the Dults.

However, since annual fairs had been held since as far back as 1389 in Stadtamhof, which used to belong to Bavaria, the tradition of a fair being held in Regensburg was not broken. The Dults in Stadtamhof did in fact see a big upswing when the Dults in the free imperial city of Regensburg stopped taking place. When Stadtamhof was incorporated in 1924, the Stadtamhof Dults became the Regensburg Dults. In 1972, the Dults had to move from their original location Am Protzenweiher owing to the construction of the canal, but they remained in the district of Stadtamhof and they are still organised by Regensburg City Council in May and September with the tried-and-tested combination of amusement rides and stalls selling goods.

Bavarian Jazz Weekend

When jazz musicians and fans come to Regensburg to celebrate the "family festival of the Bavarian jazz scene" together with the city's population, you sense that the jazz weekend now achieves much more than its original aim: to fill the historic heart of the city with artistic life.

The city's architectural heritage has of course long since been incorporated into all the action. This is only possible because all of the parties involved very much get behind the Bavarian Jazz Weekend, which has set itself the aim of entertaining both the locals and cultural tourists with a programme of free yet artistically high-calibre live music.

Musikpark Wackersdorf

As well as the exceptional architecture and the unique ambience, it is our guests in particular who always help to make sure that a night at the Musikpark remains an unforgettable experience.